Tutorial Review of Scotch.io

Tutorial Review
Setting Up a MEAN Stack Single Page Application

I will review a MEAN Tutorial I found on Scotch.io. All mileage will vary. In order to learn code I like to do a little reading then dive into a tutorial. I can’t learn everything I need to know by reading. Computers are so complex I find it is better for me to dive in and start pecking away at the keyboard. By creating and fixing my own bugs I start to understand what is going on with the code.

I picked the MEAN stack because I know how to use MongoDB and wanted a full stack that would let me develop with MongoDB in a real-world way. I picked this tutorial by trial and error. I started a few tutorials but this one I could actually finish. The MEAN Stack is a popular choice for developing with javascript. The MEAN stack is an acronym for MongoDB, Expressjs, Angularjs, and Nodejs. Stack refers to the fact that this will cover the backend, middleware, and front end of your application.

I will only review the tutorials that I believe are helpful and this was one of them. Scotch.io walked me through a reasonable set of task that allowed me to have a full working application when I was done. That is a big plus. Some of these tutorials are not explicit enough for you to walk away with anything, but this one doesn’t fall into that trap. Plus if you want to take it to the next level they have more tutorials that share MEAN tricks they have learned since making this tutorial.

Try this tutorial at found at setting-up-a-mean-stack-single-page-application