Helping neighbors with chickens

#FutureGenerations #NextStep #SaveThePlanet

I want to take more steps towards rebuilding the Earth’s ecosystem. Today inspiration hit me. Caring community is what will save us.

In this small urban space with only concrete as our backyard what can the Tepper-Grisby household do to make a difference. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle is the motto of this grotto.

While researching worm composting I realized that we might be able to do a little more. From my experience composting in any form takes time. We buy more fruit and vegetables in a week then the worms could eat. What would our household do with the rest of the organic waste so it doesn’t go into the trash ( landfill ).

If you have ideas please share in the comments.?

For those who have chickens, would it sound “cooky” to have a neighbor ask you “What do your chickens like to eat?”. I want to ask our neighbors who have chickens if we could give them some of our organic waste in an attempt to feed their livestock and reduce the amount of trash we put in the landfill.

I would also like to hear any suggestions you have about what chickens need that you don’t ever have enough of.

I’ll stop there. That is enough for one post.

Avoid avocado skin and seed/pit.


Website resource of foods for urban chickens