Dev Journey (alpha)

“Techie” looking for work as a Software Developer. Spent many years in government IT, while building websites as a hobby. Now I am looking for jobs that will allow me to create websites, mobile apps, and technical projects professionally.

I have a passion for building ideas from the technology that is all around us. I enjoy laboring over the details, so the dreamers don’t have too. In government I made this happen by consulting the managers on projects and completing them successfully. I have upgraded critical infrastructure, created entirely new departments, and processes based on supervisor’s goals.

Working in teams is great. I enjoy the “customer” in customer service, but now it is time for me to get out of IT. I have asked so many people, so many times… “have you tried turning it off then on again?” I am looking for a job that will let me focus on more developer questions.

My first tech job didn’t start off as an IT position. They didn’t want to hire an official IT person on their payroll so they let me do that work. I worked there for 11 years. Created new software products for them, which they still use to this day, and kept all the other technology working.

My second tech job was working for myself, building two software applications. I completed the projects and looked for a day job.

My third tech job was in IT with a regional government entity. That job was busy (fast paced) but not challenging. I was doing less and making more money. I was blessed to have a great paying job. Unfortunately, it didn’t fulfill my life passion as a creator.

Now I am looking for a job with a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company. Living in Silicon Valley makes me excited to work with the innovators in our area. I know there are people out there looking to employ a driven tech-minded individual like myself.

Please recommend an open position I could apply for like junior JavaScript developer, technical customer success, technical support, etc…


talk to me on LinkedIn ( ) about how we could work together.