The Matrix RPG

Welcome! Download (MatrixRPG_v1-01) the final version of the Unofficial Matrix RPG here. I am putting this up for free. Since you are getting the PDF for free, all I ask in return is that you please let me know how I can improve on things. I would also love to hear about what you love and would like to see more of. Either comments would be appreciated. Thanks for your interest in my creation! Enjoy the game! -Tre’

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This is the Official website for “The Unofficial Matrix RPG”. Here you will find the most current rules and information about the game. I am currently playtesting the game. If you are interested in helping playtest the Matrix RPG contact me.

I am currently using a free online virtual tabletop application called Roll20 ( This is an app you use in a Google+ Hangout.

The Unofficial Matrix RPG is a storyteller based game. What does that mean? As a game designer I want players to use less dice and more roleplay. In the Matrix everything is possible with some imagination.

The Unofficial Matrix RPG was birthed from watching the first Matrix movie with Keanu ReevesLaurence Fishburne, and Carrie Moss. I will never forget sitting in the theatre watching Neo load up his RSI Hacker with weapons, or when he learned Kung Fu from Morpheus. All these images burned in my mind, replaying over and over mixing with other ideas. I was also inspired by the likes of Neal Stephenson’s ( book “Snow Crash”, Shadowrun (, Cyberpunk RPG by Steve Jackson (, Steampunk, and William Gibson ( I put the unfinished game away for 10 years and now you have the half baked version I am releasing now.

Read about the last Campaign ( on Obsidian Portal.

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